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Adamo Pica


Free up some space – with our clean, secure and flexible storage solution.

Our self-storage area in Emmen/Lucerne is perfect for anything that just won’t temporarily fit in the cellar or loft of your current or future abode but still needs to be accessible.

A total of 15 units in two different sizes on the securely fenced and guarded perimeter of our company grounds represent a service offered exclusively by us in Central Switzerland. Those who rent one of our self-storage containers have unlimited access: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can drive right up to your rented unit, load or unload your things and lock the container again when you’re done. It’s that simple!

Our self-storage area is also a cost-effective solution for commercial use. It can be particularly useful for temporarily storing merchandise. This eliminates the need for expensive storage facilities and gives you the flexibility to offer much more than ‘just in time’ delivery.

  • Nine 10 m3 containers
  • Six 15 m3 containers
  • Independent access – 24/7
  • Last-minute bookings possible, provided space is available
  • Can be cancelled at any time to the end of the month
  • Secure and clean storage space, albeit with fluctuating temperatures
  • If required, we can arrange transport
  1. Rent a self-storage container
    To book a self-storage container, simply give us a call or send us a request via our contact form. We will then send you a rental agreement without delay.

  2. Arrange for a container
    As soon as we receive the signed rental agreements, we will send you a gate code, granting you unlimited access to the site, including outside of office hours. Secure your rental container with a folding lock, which you can either bring yourself or we will be happy to provide. Access to the site beyond our control is only granted to members of our staff and other renters of self-storage containers.

  3. You can store anything but ...
    Perishable, odour-emitting, poisonous, dangerous, highly flammable, explosive, corrosive, easily evaporating or other goods that could in any way endanger or disturb the neighbours. Please remember: self-storage containers are subject to temperature fluctuations.

  4. Secure your storage items
    Anything not covered by your household insurance must be insured separately. Be sure to clarify with your insurance provider in good time whether goods stored outside of your residential address are covered. We recommend taking out cover against theft, fire and water damage. Alternatively, we can also arrange for the necessary insurance cover for the external storage of items. Simply ask your contact

We would be happy to make you a tailor-made offer to suit your individual storage needs in terms of rental duration and space. Simply ask our advisors.

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