How many times have you dreamt of ... taking time out, spending a few months on the high seas, surrounded by just ocean and sky? Or better still ... going on a round-the-world trip? But what would you do with your belongings to save having to pay expensive rent? We can offer you the perfect, simple solution for a ‘ballast-free’ holiday:

With over 2,000 m² of storage space spread across three locations in Central Switzerland, you can temporarily store all that is precious and dear to you. Self-contained storage units are available for anything from a few precious items to an entire household. And for as long as you like. Whether it’s a few weeks or even a few years. Your items will be secure, dry, warm and dust-free in our storage space.

And for those quickly wanting more space nearby: our self-storage units allow you unlimited access to your belongings.

We also offer confidential file storage and systematic archiving for physical customer data to meet your business needs. This gives you easy access to your documents via our distribution logistics.

Our range of services include:


  • Collection of your household effects or files to be archived
  • Storage in a unit designed to suit your individual needs and time frame
  • A modern self-storage area with unlimited access
  • Secure file storage
  • Use of a spacious furniture warehouse in Emmen, Baar or Sursee

Naturally, we also have further services that will help you make the most of your time: Find out more about our other services, including property cleaning and approval, express removals and much more.

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