Packing and unpacking

Organised packing and unpacking


Thanks to our vast experience in moving goods, we know how to transport your goods safely and compactly from A to B. For this we use a number of different techniques and aids. And to ensure neither you nor your goods go to pieces, we’ll happily pack everything securely for transportation.

Before we begin, we protect any delicate furniture with wool blankets or bubble wrap. We also use floor liner to protect your parquet flooring from scratches.

Fragile items such as glass or porcelain are transported in special boxes lined with polystyrene padding. And when it comes to your works of art, if necessary, our packaging experts are on hand to make tailor-made wooden boxes for the secure transportation of pictures or sculptures. Please click here for more information.

For items that won’t fit into small boxes but require protection during transportation, specially designed containers can be made. We also ensure the transportation of heavy or oversized objects such as instruments or safes from A to B.


For those who prefer to pack regular items themselves, we offer a large assortment of removal aids and packing materials. You can find them here.

Want everything in your new home to be exactly where it was in your old home? No problem. All we need is a few photos, drawings and a practical labelling system.

In brief: Gmür packing and unpacking service

  • Evaluation and organisation of packing materials
  • Preparation and protection of the premises at both locations
  • Packing of your goods
  • Logistics planning: What goes where?
  • Labelling of transport containers
  • Loading and securing of your goods in the transport vehicle
  • Unloading and placement of the boxes in the desired place

Based on customer experience, a move is always a good opportunity to sort out your household goods. Use the time spent preparing for your move to think about what you still need and what you would rather dispose of or give away. This lightens the load and thus the cost of your move.

Therefore, sort your household goods and personal belongings for further use or giving away as early as possible. We’d be only too happy to help you dispose of any furniture or bulkier items. When you’re ready:

  • Please fill out our quote form so that we can estimate the cost and bring along the necessary packing materials.
  • On the day of the move, have the goods to be packed ready and grouped together. This helps speed up the process.    

The cost of packing and unpacking is calculated on an individual basis according to requirements. Various details about your current and future premises are required to draw up a rough estimate.

To meet all your removal needs, other services may be called upon to increase efficiency. Please use our quote form to send us a no-obligation enquiry.

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