Cleaning and handover

Goodbye old – hello new.


Now that your business or private premises are empty and everything is on its way to your new location, it’s time for our cleaning and handover service to take over. Together with our partners, we take care of what few people enjoy: we completely clean your ‘old’ place, while you set up in your new one. Naturally, this service comes with an approval guarantee. And wherever necessary, you can also arrange for us to carry out simple repairs. The fastest and easiest way to get your deposit back.

In brief: Gmür cleaning and handover service

  • Complete cleaning of all living rooms, garages, lofts or basements
  • Improvements and small repairs to electrical, wood or sanitary installations
  • Property inspection with the landlord

You can focus on the really important things. For example, furnishing your new home or business premises. Everything else can safely be left to us and our partners.

The cost of the cleaning and handover service depends on the number of rooms and additional rooms as well as the general condition of your home.

Best would be to get in touch with one of our contacts or use our quote form for an estimate.

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