Our commitments

As a company with local roots, we channel our economic and social commitment through various avenues:

Our commitment within the company is to train young professionals. They represent the future of our industry and ultimately our economy, both of which we believe require committed, dynamic and ambitious professionals. That’s why we have taken great pleasure over the years in leading more and more commercial trainees into varied and exciting careers. We also attach great importance to guiding young people through their apprenticeship into the world of business.

As part of the economic area of Lucerne, Gmür + Co. AG has been actively promoting business development in the region since its foundation. We are committed to strengthening the Canton of Lucerne and safeguarding and creating jobs in our canton.

We also support a number of associations and institutions through our financial and non-material contributions:

IG Arbeit


There are people in our society who have grown up in less fortunate circumstances. We believe these people also deserve our support. That’s why we have contributed greatly to helping IG Arbeit give these people prospects.


Museggmauer Lucerne


The Museggmauer is a landmark of the City of Lucerne and famous beyond its borders. As one of the best-preserved medieval defence walls, it is important to us to help keep this landmark. Gmür + Co. AG has contributed greatly to the restoration and preservation of this structure and is proud to have helped restore the Museggmauer to its original splendour.


Verein Zwischennutzung Neubad Luzern


A far from average association in a far from average location. Drop by for a refreshing change and see for yourself ...


FC Hochdorf


Gmür + Co. AG is a long-standing member of Club 96. This club supports the first team of FC Hochdorf.


Technopark Lucerne


Technopark Lucerne offers ambitious start-ups the perfect environment to develop a good business idea. This is something we believe is worth supporting.